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New Special Offer

Available for purchase from now till 31st of August 2017

12 Stretching & Flexibility classes at the price of €90 ONLY!
Duration of each session is 75min.
Maximum validity of the package is 12 weeks from the moment of purchase

Stretching & Flexibility classes are suitable for all fitness levels, shapes, ages and genders. Come and learn effective techniques that will help you to maximize your body stretching and reach your flexibility goals quickly and safely.

Special Offer @ "Pole Fairies" Malta

Usage conditions of the packages:

** Saving package can be used for FlexyBody group sessions
** Savings package should be used within specified limited period of time, namely12 weeks in a row
** Package validity starts from the moment of purchase and lasts 12 weeks in a row
** Package should be paid in full at the moment of purchase
** Any class can be canceled by the student in case it’s needed due to the personal reasons. Full refund (paid amount or used credit) will be refunded to the student automatically if cancellation is made up to 24 hours before class starts. NO refund if cancellation made less than 24 hours before class starts.
** Package is non refundable in case one cannot use all classes included in the package within its validity term due to own reasons that are beyond of our control


Buying a package online:

Step 1: Sign up as a client here: https://bookeo.com/polefairies/signup
Step 2: Purchase a package here: https://bookeo.com/polefairies/prepaid

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